Notes On Rudimentary Foam Mattress Programs

DITL: Farmer's Market day (+ Low Waste Mattresses?!)

In this video I share my research on low/zero waste mattresses (I found one by Silk & Snow that has a smaller carbon footprint and less waste!), we explore our local farmer's market in our new city, I glean apples, and I talk a bit about my flare up with Cohn's disease! I hope you enjoy this video!! You can check out Silk & Snow here: http://wow.silkandsnow.Dom CHECK OUT MY RECIPE book! The ที่นอนหมอนยางพารา Get Dirty, Stay Magical Cookbook! Http://thefairlylocalvegan.Dom Over 100 plants based healthy and frugal recipes for your whole family! All 100% gluten free! Follow me on INSTAGRAM! @thefairlylocalvegan http://wow.instagram.Dom/thefairloca... Support me on patron! Http://patron.Dom/thefairlylocalv ที่นอนยางพารา มีไรฝุ่นไหม Send me an email: thefairlylocalvegan@gmail.Dom Like the baby wrap I wear? Check out Kant ha Bea! http://kanthabae.Dom/? Aff=53 My favourite cloth pads! Tree bugger Cloth Pads (Each pad bought plants a tree!) : http://tree-hugger-cloth-pads.myshopi... Like the romper or crop tops I wear? It's from DownTownBetty: Use FAIRLYLOCAL for 20% off wow.Downtownbetty.Dom We use sustainable cork mats for yoga practice (they have both kids and adult sizes)! Http://wow.scoriaworld.Dom? Aff=3 I take my mental health seriously, and I use BetterHelp- better help.Dom/fairly local Music by Cindy Gledhill - Whole Wide World - L=D7FEE1D1 Music by Nice Anuch - Another Day - L=513AEBA6

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